Our Scientific Manufacturing Processes
At The HealthyChoice, through our globally accepted and validated manufacturing processes and Quality Management Systems, we ensure that our manufacturing facilities are equipped to provide the consumer with the highest possible quality products each time. Let us now take you through the processes and Quality Assurance Programs followed by our world-class manufacturing facilities in India.

Testing Source Water For Plant Site Selection
Even before the plant is constructed, the site is selected based on the availability of source water meeting the portability quality standards. The source water is tested for all requirements of potable drinking water. The analysis is always conducted by independent third party accredited laboratories.

Nitrogen Meeting International Purity Standards
Nitrogen from authorized suppliers meeting international purity standards is procured, which goes through stringent quality control checks before being used in the packing process. The all ingredients of Healthychoice Products are as per the ISO standards and specifications.
Internal & External Audit Monitor Compliance Clauses
The Company also has a strong internal audit system to monitor compliance to international and local standards. The manufacturing facilities also get audited by accredited external audit agencies against quality management standards. This internal checks and balances system works virtually in every aspect of our business and gives us the confidence to reassure our promise to consumers every day. At The Healthychoice, we are committed to delivering high quality products to our customers and consumers throughout the globe.

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